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  • Neuroscience & Mind Techniques
    To make Organisations profitable : Change behaviour Create Success
  • Mind Techniques to double business for Entrepreneurs
    Balanced mindset to take best business decision at each moment
  • Increase marks of students by 20%
    Better Placement of students
    Educational Institute
  • Mind Programming To Achieve Goals

Case Study

Jhajjar Power Plant

Challenge - Team Collaboration
Target Group - Sr. and Mid Managers
Result - 58% Improvement & 25% Visible Improvement reported by Sr. Management

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Universal Sompo

Challenge - Anxiety & Low Productivity
Target Group - Sr. Sales Leadership
Result - Over 64% increase in relaxation

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Future Generally

Challenge - Lack of Ownership
Target Group - Mid Sales Mgrs
Result - 28.75% Improvement in Agent Interaction

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Kushalta Academy Synopsis

Our Blogs

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How we learn to be a failure from childhood

Sometime back I came to know something which would have been very funny if it wasn’t downright sad. In the 4th class Hindi Book..