In an interview of Dr Devi Shetty, the famous heart surgeon, his reply on being asked about the substantial increase in the no of heart patients was “because of awareness”.
How I read it was that there is so much fear nowadays about all sorts of illnesses, which itself causes illness to rise. Current lifestyle is definitely the biggest reason for illness but the fearsome information we keep getting bombarded by the (usually well meaning) social media and mass media has created an environment of fear, and is equally to be blamed. The fact that most of the pieces of information contradict each other, further compounds the fear. One report says “ghee” is bad, another report by a famous dietician says “ghee” is good. And so on.
But what are the options? After reading about the ill effects of junk food when one goes out to eat, mostly the options available are only of junk food. So we are forced to have junk food and can’t stop ourselves from thinking negative thoughts while having it! So what causes illness, the junk food or our negative thoughts? Medical science says that stressful thoughts are equally if not more to be blamed.
Anita Moorjani, the cancer survivor, who miraculously survived after Doctors had given her only a few hours to live, a case which has baffled medical science, writes in her book “dying to be me” that during that period when she was waiting to die, she had an out of body experience and realised why she had cancer. One of the biggest reason she writes and also shares on her videos and Ted talks was the fears that she had. Even when she would have good food like “flex seeds” etc she would not think that having them is good for her but that if she wouldn’t have them then she’ll get cancer. “No wonder”, she says, “that I had cancer”.
Despite all the progress by medical science isn’t the illness on the rise? Why is there so much fear everywhere? There are umpteen advertisements for early cancer detection tests but medical science still cannot say with certainty that which abnormality will develop in tumour and which one will be healed by itself. As per a report, when autopsies were done on many Japanese who lived beyond the age of 100, many cancer cells were found in different body parts. But their bodies did not let them grow into a tumour and contained it in one place. Similarly medical science is divided on the issue of going for early cancer detection tests, because many small cancers heal by themselves. Treating it actually reduces the patient’s life in many cases. In fact One theory says that act of conducting the biopsy itself spreads the cancer cells (if at all it would develop into one) through out the body. But why so much fear? Are we being programmed to fall sick? And who gets to benefit by it?
What happened to the good old values of leading a simple life and trusting God? Have a look at Anita’s solution, “Don’t be afraid of anything. Have anything in moderation, it won’t harm. More importantly have anything and everything as a blessing.”