Overview : Universal Sompo, a leading general insurance company, was looking to increase the top-line by changing the negative mindset of their Sr Sales Leadership team resulting from forced WFH situation. 

Challenge : After working from home for so many months the Sr Sales Leadership had become jaded with low motivation resulting in lower performance levels. Fear of life along with fear of future gave rise to higher anxiety levels. Longer working hours, balancing household work with job pressures, lower engagement levels while interacting online, were all causing frustration, contributing to lower productivity.

Sales being a high pressure jobs, the Sr leadership team was showing signs of cracking up. A kind of siege mentality had manifested in the mind.

Approach : Anxiety, Fear, Frustration, Motivation is in the mind. Adopting best practises to handle longer working hours, balancing work etc also happens in the mind. We decided on Mind-Programming workshops to help them 1) Step 1 - Uncover the self-defeating beliefs which cause the undesirable behaviour 2) Step 2 - Unlearn these self-defeating beliefs 3) Step 3 - Inculcate self-fulfilling behaviour in Trigger situations.

Solution : An 8 online workshop series of two hours each was devised to 1) Relax and calm their mind and then improve self-belief to become open to change, handle setbacks & adverse situations better. 2) Self-fulfilling beliefs and high-achievement behaviour in trigger situations were  inculcated to improve productivity.

Results - Improvement in Top-line results will be out in December. But as there has been around 60% reduction in anxiety and more than 50% improvement in adopting best practises, the top-line improvement is a foregone conclusion.

We have worked on improving their
Ability to handle Adversity,
Risk Taking Mindset,
Growth Mindset,
Change Mindset,
Inclusive Mindset,
Innovation mindset,
Leadership Skills.

The change in behaviour brought is
1) Stay calm & relaxed - when wake up, when going to sleep, when thinking of future, when facing a setback, when getting a challenging task, when taking risks, when business is down, when interacting with teams, listening to team members, morning meetings, day end review, giving and receiving negative feedback, when facing situational challenges during virtual meetings, balancing home chores & work, when challenged by supervisor, colleague, subordinate, spouse, kids etc
2) Inculcate best practises - Going to sleep early, wake up early, Start exercising, start meditation, Doing day end review, Planning the next day, planning the week on Sunday, Scheduling Important work, create an hour in the morning everyday for strategy planning, Investing in oneself etc
3) Adjustability - when competition uses unfair means like low pricing, giving more commissions, Openness to change, to new situations, new ways of doing things etc
4) Be more patient - when handling team complains, listening to team, asking the right questions rather then advising etc
5) Growth Mindset -  by engaging the last mile, rallying with the last mile when business is down, spending more time with front line teams, 

6) Inclusiveness - by asking everyone’s opinions, including people in discussions, giving a sense of belonging, spending time offline with team members, building a working relationship with team members etc