Even though Virat Kohli hasn’t been as successful in the current IPL or against Australia in the last series, beset as he was with injuries, he has had an amazing run of success in the last 3-4 years in all forms of cricket. What has made him so successful? There are other players equally talented, who train and practice as hard but are neither as consistent nor as productive.
He says in his interviews that he employs mind programming techniques for success. And what are these mind programming techniques?
1) Affirmations : As per Virat, when he was initially unsuccessful in the test team during India’s tour to Australia in the 2011-12 season though he was a successful One-Day batsmen, he would continuously talk to himself, “I am a good enough player. I have scored 8 centuries in the one-dayers, I can score in any format” etc. He would repeat these statements in the ground and off it. Despite failing in the first two tests, he was the highest scorer in both the innings in the third test and scored a century in the fourth and last test. Since then he hasn’t looked back.
2) Visualisation : In the last few years he has added visualisation technique to achieve his goals. As per him, before any series he visualises the opposition bowlers bowling to him all kinds of deliveries, whether bouncers, yorkers etc and visualises himself playing the shot he would want to play. When he actually faces the bowler he is ready and plays the shots he has visualised earlier.
In other words he first creates success in the mind and then recreates success on the field. Steven Covey in his book, “7 habits of highly effective people”, in the chapter “Begin with the end in mind” has a full section on “Visualisation and Affirmation”. He considers them to be one of the most powerful mind programming techniques. He adds that these techniques are used by almost all the top athletes and other peak performers. All of us can use these techniques to rewrite our mind scripts and achieve success.