Sometime back I came to know something which would have been very funny if it wasn’t downright sad. In the 4th class Hindi Book in a state run school in one of our states, there is an essay on Sarojini Naidu.
The essay starts with the line, “Sarojini Naidu was a very intelligent child, She could read english books at the age of 5…..”. Just wait for a moment to think about the learning being passed on to impressionable kids.
Unfortunately the learning being passed on to the young minds is that one, Sarojini Naidu was intelligent not because she could read books at the age of 5 but BECAUSE she could read ENGLISH books at the age of 5. Two, I cannot read english books even in class IV, so I am STUPID.
If we contemplate we’ll realise that throughout childhood, a child is made to learn reasons about why he is deficient, why things are impossible to achieve or why he’s incompetent and so on. Unknowingly parents, society, education system, teachers, keep drilling negative programming in the child, no wonder we are a race of underachievers.
Unlike Japan or Israel where encouraging the child to realise her potential at each step is ingrained in the entire society, we somehow have mastered the art of doing exact opposite. And the funny thing is that we are not even aware of the same.