When I was a child I used to love flying kites. Once when I was still learning how to fly kites, I went to my elder cousin brother to take his help to tie “kanne” or knots on the kite which could be then attached to a string and then flown. My brother being an adept kite flyer did that in such a way that the kite once flown would not remain stationery but would keep on rotating viciously. Being a novice I found it very difficult to control and had a bad day of kite flying. Dejected I went back to my brother and complained to my heart’s content. He just laughed and then explained that the purpose of kite flying is not to keep it staionery once airborne but to use is to cut the strings of other kites and a kite which keeps on rotating is that much easier to ward off attacks and direct towards other kites. And this is how it's easier for one to come out a winner. Sadly I never became a good kite flyer and could not imbibe the lesson.
But now after a long time The way my life has turned out I finally understand the lessons behind the kite flying incident.
A stationery and peaceful life may be a satisfying one but may also be an incomplete one. The turbulent life has a purpose. One finds oneself in it because may be one has chosen to be in it long back and it is only the adepts who chose the life of turbulence.

And every turbulence in life is life taking one towards a new horizon and another chance to come out a winner. The lesson may not be apparent right away but it all becomes clear gradually. Though it may not be an easy road with lots of (kite) attacks waiting to happen but with patience and belief in Allmighty it's another chance to come out a winner. So one should always welcome turbulence as another chance to fulfill one’s purpose in life.
Another incident I remember from my childhood is lot of "havans" and poojas at my maternal grandparents place to supposedly ward off the effects of my volatile “grihas” or planetary systems, I was supposedly born with. Though those efforts didn’t seem to have much effect as I have had a turbulent life. I don’t know because of the “Grihas” effect or otherwise. But now that I look back I realise that it was all for my own good. Had I not broken my hand immediately after my graduation and not been confined to home for a year as the injury required multiple operations, I wouldn't have studied hard and ended doing MBA from a good institute. Had the company which hired me from campus placement not folded up before I joined I wouldn't have learnt the skills of hard core sales which help me now in my current venture. Had my first business venture 20 years back done well I wouldn't have uncovered my hidden potential in subsequent jobs. Had a close family member not had a life threatening disease, I wouldn't have become a healer and a mind programmer and so on. Though it has been painful in parts but the result makes it all worthwhile.