Life Lessons I learned from running Marathons (half ones)
1) Don’t compare yourself with some one who’s ahead. One- you only compete with yourself. Two- you don't know his or her journey. Some people run fast in the starting and then slow down and more often then not you overtake them. But if they are consistently ahead then try learning from them. It's only people who are more hard working and more dedicated then you who are constantly ahead or they may have been at it for far longer which you may not be aware of. Similarly in life try learning from others who are consistently ahead but never compare. You only compete against yourself.
2) Make small and achievable goals - next 100 meters I’ll run fast ; I’ll slow down to gain my breath only for the next 50 meters and so on. Similarly in life. Let’s focus on here and now, it's better not to think of the finish line and more often then not one breaks the past records.
3) Always work on self improvement. Strength training one day, flexibility some other day. Similarly in life - keep investing in yourself. The biggest asset one has is in life is oneself. Never forget that.
4) Plan - especially on Sunday evening for the next week. Like Mr Steven Covey says in 7 habits of highly effective people. Which specific day for which particular tasks. Do it in advance

5) Work in a team and do whatever possible to help others - it keeps you motivated, positive and others also respond accordingly. The energy of a well knit group is always more then the sum of the parts. A number of time your group will make the one crucial difference in achieving your goal.
6) Believe in yourself - if a person like me who never ran in life can complete a half marathon at the age of 40 then anybody can do anything.
7) Lastly enjoy it- there are so few who can dream of doing this. It's a privilege and honour. Think of the people who are disabled, what would they not give just to be able to participate. Just as in life. We people on LinkedIn belong to the top 3% or so of our entire population. Aren't we blessed.
8) If by a remote chance after trying as hard as possible you still can not do it then don't be disheartened, may be life has some thing better in store. It may not be apparent right now but will become clear gradually. who knows you might be champion in 100 meters race or some other activity altogether different.