We always hear that skills like cycling or swimming are learned for life and once learned they cannot be unlearned. But there was a man who decided to challenge this view. He decided to unlearn cycling which he had learned in childhood.
Destin Sandlin was that man, and he actually unlearned cycling.
And how did he do it? Very simple, he just reversed the steering of the handle bar. So on turning the handlebar to the left the front wheel would move to the right and vice-versa. And he practised riding the new bike. It took him 8 months regular practise and he finally mastered riding the new bike. And as a result he forgot to ride a normal bike and was unable to ride one.

The lesson here is that the human mind is so powerful that with regular practise it can unlearn any past defective learning and relearn. We can all unlearn our defective and unprofitable beliefs, mindsets, assumptions and perceptions and chart a new paradigm. And no it doesn’t always require 8 months of rigorous training to do that. There are some simple meditation and guided visualisation exercises which everybody can learn to unlearn and relearn! Video of a webinar on unlearning