Are we all superstitious? Yes to a degree almost all of us are. Despite knowing that there is no scientific basis of superstitions we all have our secret and not so secret superstitions. But how are superstitions formed? They are just ways we have programmed our mind. Simply put when an experience repeats itself 2-3 times because of any random reason, we assign a cause to it, irrespective of the fact that it may not be even remotely connected. In case the experience is emotionally strong then the desire to assign a cause is that much stronger. We start thinking about it and gradually start believing in it. Thus our mind gets programmed and the superstition becomes psychosomatic. On the flip side, pilgrimages bear fruit because after a pilgrimage our belief in our wish coming true becomes very strong.
So is there any way of undoing this mind programming? Yes there are various ways. One of the fastest and easiest is to use the power of visualization to reprogram our mind. Just visualize going against the superstition, further visualize a good ending where everything goes off smoothly. Do it as many times as required and you’ll find that the superstition doesn’t work anymore.