People who were old enough to watch TV in the late 80s-90s would remember the advertisement of Cease Fire for a fire extinguisher aired on TV. It showed a situation at home, where a room with kids inside, catches fire and everybody is frozen stiff with terror, the father immediately pulls a fire extinguisher from a wall and extinguishes the fire. It evoked a very strong emotion in viewers and the sales of this fire extinguisher skyrocketed very shortly. Some time later they introduced a vacuum storage product for food items which did not click at all and the product despite being good failed miserably.
Another Ad of Cadbury's showed a batsman hit a sixer in a match and a girl from the crowd evades security, jumps on to the field and while dancing merrily, reaches the batsman and both of them are shown sharing a Cadbury's chocolate. It also was a very successful ad.
Secret behind the success of both these Ads was the strong emotion evoked in the viewers. One invoked fear and other happiness. Other ads where the benefits and features may have been good but which did not evoke emotions were unsuccessful.

The two secrets of mind programming are Feelings and Imagination. Notice how politicians program people by evoking their emotions on religion, regionalism etc.
Simply because when we get emotional, brain diverts all blood supply to Amygdala, our emotional brain and our logical brain, the prefrontal cortex, becomes sluggish because of lack of glucose. Resulting in reduction of our ability to take logical decisions.The stronger the emotion, stronger the drive to buy the particular product. Or in a way the viewer gets Mind-Programmed to buy that product.
Don't you agree? Just remember the last time somebody close hurt you emotionally and how difficult it was (or may be still is) for you to forgive that person.
A video gives enough time to evoke strong emotions. And with rise of social media and low data charges it is easy for marketers to use long videos as primary source of content. Podcasts and Webinars are also a preferred tool but being more cerebral their impact may be limited as compared to videos.
So are you a marketer? If yes do you have an online content strategy focussed on videos? If not it's high time you get one.