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Are we being programmed to fall sick?

In an interview of Dr Devi Shetty, the famous heart surgeon, his reply on being asked about..

Was the Krishna the first life-coach?

Are we all superstitious? Yes to a degree almost all of us are. Despite knowing that there is no scientific basis of superstitions we all have our secret not so secret superstitions...

How we learn to be a failure from childhood

Sometime back I came to know something which would have been very funny if it wasn’t downright sad. In the 4th class Hindi Book..

Superstitions – how to unlearn using science

Are we all superstitious? Yes to a degree almost all of us are. Despite knowing that there is no scientific basis of superstitions..

How Virat uses the principles of “7 habits of highly effective people”

Even though Virat Kohli hasn’t been as successful in the current IPL or against Australia in the last series, beset as he was with injuries..

The one skill which every successful CEO has

A typical CEO possesses many skills. Out of all the skills that a CEO has, is there one single skill which differentiates a successful

Do Motivation Seminars cause depression?

The dreaded word again. But wait, wasn’t attending motivation seminars a cure for depression? How can it cause depression?

Man who unlearned cycling

We always hear that skills like cycling or swimming are learned for life and once learned they cannot be unlearned. But there was a man who decided to challenge.

Why Videos are biggest influencers used by Marketers

People who were old enough to watch TV in the late 80s-90s would remember the advertisement of Cease Fire for a fire..

I never knew I lack self-belief

I worked under lot of bosses in my career. Some were obvious jerks, under whom I didn't enjoy working (though I now realise that maybe it wasn't their fault, it may..

My boss doesn't listen & later blames me

said couple of participants at a workshop on mind programming to improve performance. We were learning mind techniques to..

When Team Members don't contribute

This was one of the common concern of participants at a recent workshop on team collaboration. We were discussing how the only one..

Science behind successful leaders

This is the normal reaction of many participants during our session to improve Team Collaboration. Most of them are shocked that this is one of the hidden beliefs that acts..

Is it possible to achieve career success along with happiness

Have you ever had the feeling that life is running out, you are nowhere near to where you should have been and haven't been able..

Mindset of a winner

said couple of participants at a workshop on mind programming to improve performance. We were learning mind techniques to program a new behaviour when facing adverse..

Using Neuroscience to reduce office stress in two minutes

 few participants raised this issue that even if they acquire a new behaviour with colleagues, but what about the boss..

Why good leaders are excellent story tellers

The gist was that the only person we can change in this world is oneself and as we change and start behaving differently..

Why did he un-learn cycling?

I was asked this question during a workshop. We were discussing Mr Destin Sandlin, the person who unlearned cycling. By the way it took him 8 months to do that...

4 Life lessons shared by my boss in the first week of my job

It was a couple of days after I joined my first job, (which was corporate sales for Govt accounts) that my boss, Mr Aman Nagar..

"I want the corner office!"? - Team Members, but actually do they?

There are various reports that say that employees are unhappy at work, and more often then not they blame their organisation..

"I still don't think Micro-management is a bad idea!"

said a participant during a workshop on Leadership for Middle Managers at one of the leading IT companies. To give context


There are a few scientific reasons behind it. First and foremost is to analyse how does one think. How do thoughts come..

How we unwittingly give step-brotherly treatment to our teams while trying to be a brother

Rahul, a middle manager In a good company wanted

Life & Career lessons from Marathons

Don’t compare yourself with some one who’s ahead. One- you only compete with yourself.

Lessons from Kite flying

When I was a child I used to love flying kites. Once when I was still learning how to fly kites, I went to my elder cousin brother to take his help to tie..

Why we don't need to be afraid of Artificial Intelligence (and what we should be afraid of!)

There were some scary reports in the media lately on how a big company...

Case Study - Universal Sompo : Handling Adversity and Improving Productivity

Universal Sompo, a leading general insurance company, was looking to incresase..